NESSR Neutering Policy


Under no circumstances must any NESSR dog be used for breeding for this reason we have a strict neutering policy because it is the only 100% guaranteed way of preventing "accidents".

It is NESSR's policy that all dogs should be neutered prior to rehoming unless they are too young or their are medical reasons why a dog can not undergo the neutering operation. Until December 2007 NESSR benefited from a Dogs Trust scheme where by we were given subsidised neutering vouchers. This enabled us to get each dog done at a cost of £25 each. Sadly this scheme has now ended but NESSR is still dedicated to it's neutering policy.

Neutering now costs us on average £80 to £120 per dog depending on the veterinary practice used.

If a bitch comes to us in season we will not rehome her until her season is finished and sometimes bitches remain in NESSR care for a few months whilst they wait to be speyed or are rehomed with a strict neutering agreement.

All puppies are rehomed with a neutering agreement where by the new owners are expected to pay for this procedure. All NESSR puppies must be neutered when they are 6 months old. We do not make exceptions.

Failure to comply with a neutering agreement could lead to us taking a dog back.