Would you like to be a foster carer for NESSR ?

Fostering a dog until it finds its forever home is a rewarding experience that we would recommend to anyone who has the time, effort and circumstances to do so. There will always be ups and downs with fostering as many of the dogs that come in have there own “baggage” and funny habits that they have learnt during there life previously.

You have the chance to help a dog in need, to help look after it when no one else can until they find there new forever home. When you pass over the dog to its new owners you'll feel proud that you were able to help but also sad to see a temporary member of you family leave.

If you think you have the time and patience to foster please click the link below and fill out an application form which will then be assessed by NESSR, if we feel you would make a suitable foster home you will have to have a home check and vet references (as with adopting a dog) before we can place a dog with you.

As soon as we have made all the checks and you are happy to do so we will place your details on our foster home database and you could soon be looking after one of the NESSR dogs who are looking for a new home.

Where does NESSR need Foster Carers?

NESSR needs foster carers all over the UK but primarily we need carers in the North East, Scotland and Yorkshire as that is where the vast majority of our dogs come from. Ideally we prefer dogs not to have to travel too far to their foster homes.

Click here for foster application form

The NESSR Team