NESSR Adoption Process

NESSR adoption Process

Step 1: Decide you want a dog & submit form

Before completing this form please ensure that you have no doubts about your ability and desire to commit the necessary time, love and energy to care for one of our rescue dogs. Our suitability checks are throrough, as you would expect when we are providing a new start to a spaniel whose current experience of life is sometimes less than ideal.

Step 2: Homecheck and other references
Once you have submitted this form one of our representatives will contact you to arrange an interview in your own home. We ask that all memers of the family living at the house are present at the homecheck so that we can meet everyone who will be involved with the dogs day to day life . We will also ask for a vet reference and/ or personal reference. We do these over the phone. This is an essential step to inclusion in our registry for potential placement of English Springer Spaniel Rescue dogs.

Step 3: Waiting for your dog
If you are approved we may not be able to offer you a dog immediately, but when one is ready, we will provide you with all available information, including veterinary information etc, prior to placement.

Step 4: Adopting a Dog
When we have a dog for you we will ask you to come an visit the dog at either Cynthia's or their foster carers. In exception circumstances we can arrange for transport but the dog must be handed over to new owners by a NESSR volunteer as there is paperwork that must be signed before the dog becomes part of your family.

A pdf Adoption Agreement which you will be required to sign at the time of adoption. Read this for your reference Adoption Agreement Form

Step 5: You will be asked to make a donation towards our work.
We receive no outside funding and an appropriate donation to Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue will be required when you receive your dog. This will help with veterinary, telephone, kennelling and travelling expenses.

We try to ensure that every dog is neutered, vaccinated, wormed, flea'd and microchipped before it is rehomed. This is not always possible if there are medical reasons why a dog can not be neutered or vaccinated but this will be discussed with new owners prior to rehoming.

Neutering, Vaccinating, worming, flea treatment and microchipping costs us on average £130 to £160 per dog. Of course some dogs come in requiring further veterinary care and there are food bills etc.

Therefore we are asking people even more to please consider the cost to NESSR of rescuing a dog and to make sure that their donation reflects this.